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A simple half minute motion graphics piece for my third year New Media Design class. I filmed and did all the animations myself. I do not own any of the audio, nor the logos for Bluetooth, Sixaxis, or Playstation.

Greatest Hotels

These are a few of the many pages of my deck for Greatest Hotels. We were given the goal of rebranding their website and building them a new one. We were in constant contact with the client and it was a great experience. When they wanted something changed, while it was unfortunate, it did give us more direction and helped us focus our time and effort. This project took roughly 6+ weeks.

Android Designs

For this project we were told to find a website that didn't have a mobile presence and then create one in IOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The website I chose was Guerrilla Games, I noticed they had no app or mobile website and I was interested in what different ways I could display their information. These are the android comps I have put together in some different styles. The first being more of a hierarchy, the second uses the tabs to navigate, and the last is heavily reliant on user interaction.

Donating to CIAS

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This project was the process of working with RIT's donation staff and learning different ways of how to and how not to request donations. While our project didn't focus on all of RIT, just the College of Imaging Arts and Ssciences, talking to the staff gave us the experience we needed to find what grew the desire to donate. Whether it's a specific program or overall, variety is what allows donators to feel catered to and welcomed, instead of forced. Download Deck

Destiny Stat Tracker App Prototype

A simple project that I made around the same time Destiny came out. Nothing serious, just working with some simple animations and design rules. I'm a fan of the game and I wanted to make something in the spirit of it's release while also finding different ways to display information.

SYNAPP Team Project

Synapp is an app to use in a high school setting to help promote and grow a digital ecosystem in the classroom between teachers and students. Our goal is to create an app that will allow teachers and students to communicate, collaborate, and manage their content using technology students and teachers bring to the classroom. Whether it's saving a powerpoint, sharing notes, or asking questions, Synapp will be the supporting foundation for a digital classroom.


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This freelance project was an 8' x 3' banner for Urban Farmer and their Chef's kitchen. Using the style of graphics shown to me from their previous work and how they wanted it displayed, I was able to give them a layout and design suitable for their venue. Asset's used were from the chef's kitchen itself. Also featured on MSNBC during the kitchen's interview.